1 year ago

Can not await Autumn Calabrese Nation Workouts

If you would have asked me a year or two ago if I would do a physical fitness program that goes with c and w I would have stated you were crazy. I have to alter my mind on that now though since this new Nation Heat workout by Fall Calabrese is going to be coming out in July. I am truly delighted to humiliate myself dancing the weight away.

So are you going to check this out with me or make me appear like a fool all by myself? I would truly like the comments or you can just stick around up until I get some videos of myself up here.

2 years ago

We've launched a new and updated version of USA.gov!

Search the Government USA.gov is your online guide to government information and services. Back to Top Find contact information for federal government departments and agencies. Learn about government programs that provide financial help for individuals and organizations.


2 years ago

Consumers Beware: 5 Tips to Keep you Scam-Free This Summer

You're invited to read and use our bilingual articles covering trusted, timely, and valuable government information. Use these tips to protect your finances and your family. Be informed and prepared to take your legal duties when a power of attorney is granted to you.


2 years ago

The Latest Ice Age Short Shoots Scrat Into Space

After it premiered with the Peanuts movie, Fox has put the short Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe up online. I have literally no feelings about any Ice Age character except Scrat, whose life is a reminder of the constant misery that is the pursuit of the simplest needs.